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We look to collaborate with current and new organisations in order to offer you a range of volunteering opportunities where you can choose from!Another job we do is organising volunteering fairs, induction sessions, volunteering opportunities events and some workshops.

Since joining Red Planet, he has worked as Scrip...

Alex started out as a freelancer working in production.

After reading English at Oxford University, Harriet spent five years working in theatre production, firstly at the Barbican and then at ATG whilst also reading for Working Title, Carnival Films and the BBC.

In order to lay ghosts to rest, John visits his father in prison but far from letting bygones be bygones, John Senior is intent on winning the battle of wills against his head-strong son and keep him under control.

After several years of working in Art Galleries and Design Studios, she joined the Red Planet Team as Production Assistant earlier this year.

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